Amazon Statistics: Necessary to be Aware of the Numbers related to Amazon

As a worldwide front runner in e-Commerce, Amazon goes on to surprise us with their numbers, either it is their entire customers, products or profits. We collected their current statistics to make us clearly comprehend how this very large and powerful marketplace remains to lead in the cou

Leading Amazon Statistics

See these fascinating statistics regarding Amazon that we collected for you. Because Amazon is inclined to hold their numbers to themselves, it is possibly complicated to obtain the accurate statistics that you require. Make use of this Amazon data regardless what objective you perhaps may find.


Total Number of Customers Amazon Has

At the pace that Amazon develops, it is perhaps difficult to match the number of customers on the Edi For Amazon platform.

  • Since the most recent declared duration, there were 310 million active Amazon customers.
  • The big technology companies currently total 90 million Amazon Prime subscribers located in the United States, as viewed by the analyst Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

Total Number of Products Amazon Put On Sale


It is essential for Amazon to put on sale likely as much various SKUs.

  • Amazon put on sale over 12 million products excluding publications, media, liquor and assistance.
  • When Amazon Marketplace retailers are included in the computation, the total number of products increases to over 353 million.

See the details for each classification:

  • 4 million commodities were sold by Amazon and the Marketplace on clothes, footwear and accessories
  • 1 million goods were sold on Equipments, Machineries and Household Repairs and Improvement
  • 3 million were sold on Home and Kitchen equipments. This classification is remarkably stable for Amazon Marketplace. Of the leading 10 retailers, 60% mainly pay particular attention on this classification.


Statistics of Amazon Leading Membership Program – Amazon Prime


Amazon is inclined to maintain other people thinking on how efficient their leading membership program operates, however we came across these statistics.

A CIRP review that consists of information from 500 Amazon customers approximates that Amazon Prime members allocate $1,300 annually, becoming twice as much as the normal $700 per annum that non-members pay out on the online site.

Due to the amount imposed for shipping commodities, 85% of Amazon customers are reluctant to purchase, whereas reduced transporting speed discourages 60% Prime as well as 41% non-Prime subscribers.

CIRP additionally discovered that 95% of present Prime members declared that either “certainly” or “just maybe” will continue.


Statistics on Amazon Third-Party Sellers and Fulfilment by Amazon

Learn how well Amazon’s third-party sellers have developed the platform. Increasing number of retailers is as well making use of Amazon FBA for fulfilment.

  • Amazon earned 22.99 billion U.S. dollars from service rendered by Third Party sellers in 2016. Third Party sellers is equivalent to 50% of paid fixed rate for each units offered for sale on Amazon.
  • In 2016, Amazon transported twice as much products for various retailers from 2015 to surpass more than 2 billion products.
  • Current retailers utilizing Amazon fulfilment service went up over 70% in 2016.
  • Fourfold of retailers gain 1 million earnings on Amazon as against eBay.


What Costumers Think Regarding Amazon

Amazon maintains to greatly please their customers. Learn how they have laid down the quality of impression customers have for all traders.

  • More than 90% of Amazon buyers will not buy a product with a rating of lower than three stars.
  • 56% of customers declare that Amazon displays a mastery of their particular choice and demands regularly, a data that minimize customers’ sentiments regarding ordinary retailers.
  • 55% of those assessed went ahead with their initial visit on Amazon, increase by 44% from last year.

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