Managed File Transfer (MFT) Services

Managed File Transfer for Computerized, accelerated and Regulated Data Flow, Linking your Trading, Business Partners, Distributors and Customers for a Safe and Dependable B2B System

How Sure are you in your File Transmissions?

Businesses eager to lessen threat connected with data abuses and non-conformity should initially merge their file integration movements and validate that all data transmissions internal and external to the company are safe and verifiable.

Amosoft’s MFT services consolidate and regulate all managed file transfers flowing across your trading with the best procedure adaptability on the business, giving specific integration to over 20 fast and safe B2B Walmart EDI transmissions procedures.

With the opportunity to utilize thousands of customized MFT links to the biggest global business partner systems, Amosoft allows you to introduce latest partners and begin performing instantly. With API flexibility, Amosoft’s MFT service boosts rapid file integration to the program level permitting you to expand your Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and different important trade networks. Guarantee customer and business partner SLAs with end-to-end data monitoring and transparency throughout all data moving through the business. Fulfil intensified SLAs and guarantee adherence regulations are being satisfied.


Obtain total management, regulation and verifiability across all data activities


Centralize all trading-to-trading, program-to-program and partner-to-partner integration procedures


Improve and computerize traditional MFT integration with Amosoft’s APIs


Have the opportunity to a transparency of data activities, recording, and alerts in real-time


Speed up the flow of data in any scope or quantity

Why Utilize Amosoft for Managed File Transfer (MFT)?

Manageable Implementation and Function

You have the choice to implement Amosoft MFT services on your network or ours with the adaptability to personally control MFT procedures or have Amosoft handle them for you.

Multiple-Procedures Assistance

Smoothly assist all safe procedures needed to manage data transmission, which includes important transmissions that should be safe and dependable to maintain your trade functioning.

High-Speed Creation

With over 900 pre-established links and the most extensive variety of safe procedures in the business, you can create links and begin transmitting files in hours rather than days or even weeks.


Our products are authorized therefore you will benefit from the additional assurance of business-wide capacity to transmit and utilize the data.

Confirmed Dependability

Amosoft services provide excellent accessibility and dependability that has been confirmed and proven in over 100,000 establishments globally.

Customer and Administrative Adherence

All Amosoft services offer real-time transparency, total management and regulation to guarantee that you can fulfil all adherence regulations and advantageously handle and track the data influencing your trading.


The B2B Access to More Advantageous Trade Results

Streamline and Merge Activities among Internal and External Networks

Total and Adaptable B2B Integration

While business regularly include the most successful to assist in motivating trade results, integrating these methods turns out to be more complicated to handle. This “spaghetti” workflow or data flow frequently delays the functional data movement, threatens unsafe data transmissions and method mistakes and increases prices in improvement and refund charges.

Amosoft offers a total and adaptable integration service that streamlines complicated integration procedures and allow businesses to carry out more trading quickly. Amosoft’s safe managed file transfer (MFT), network integration and composite integration program services allow businesses to strengthen integrations and regulate all data transmissions flowing across their trade environment.

Companies cannot bear to throw away productive valuable time and money on reusing capability and data from old methods to fulfil modern demands. IT groups are required to guarantee 100 percent operating time throughout a range of tools, technologies, traders and different trade members at the same further sustaining adherence and safety.

For this reason, remaining in front of the rivalry and developing is important, particularly because the future batches of services are improved. Old methods have restriction and IT specialists should acknowledge and identify those restrictions to be able to benefit fully of the assurance of the access productivity.