What is the difference between laminated and toughened safety glass?

Differences between toughened safety glass and laminated glass

What is a toughened safety glass?

Toughened safety glass is multiple times stronger than normal glass. This is manufactured by heating the normal glass at high temperatures. And then cooling it very rapidly. This procedure makes toughened glass harder. In addition, this glass is more resistant to shock and heat as compared to normal glass.

The point of the toughening procedure is to increase the basic strength and quality of the glass. It is important that this kind of glass can't be re-cut after it has been toughened. These type of glass is installed at Shopfronts in London for better security.

What is a laminated glass?

Laminated glass basically has the same quality and strength as normal glass. But it contains a plastic layer between two sheets. This plastic interlayer is an extreme gum which gives a protected double-layered plan.

Differences between toughened safety glass and laminated glass

It is a truth that both kinds provide you with better security and safety. They can bear any harsh weather condition. For example, heavy rain, hailstorms, fast wind, and direct sunlight. The laminated glass contains 2 layers of plastic sheet, which makes it more stronger than toughened glass. It offers better insulation and resistance. Moreover, laminated glass is more costly than toughened glass.


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